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About Diamond Art

What is Diamond Painting?

Diamond Painting is very similar to “painting by number” but instead of using paint and a brush, you use a stylus and sparkly, plastic facet gems, called drills. The canvas is pre-printed with the design and a sticky layer ready to create your very own work of art. 

Each colour has a specific symbol which you simply match the colour of the gem to using the key displayed on the canvas.

On completion, they look amazing when framed and hung around the home or office space.

Paint With Diamonds™ | Premium 5D Diamond Painting Kits For Adults

What is the difference between “round” and “square” drills?

Round drills are more forgiving, quicker to achieve a completed painting and have tiny gaps around each drill.

Square drills are more time consuming, must be more precise with placing and have no gaps around the drills.

Both methods produce beautiful sparkling pieces of art whichever drill you decide to choose or prefer.

DMC DIAMONDS 5D Diamond Painting Drills Diamonds 2.5mm DMC Diamond ...

What size should I get?

When it comes to Diamond Painting, we recommend that bigger is always better!

In simple terms, the larger the canvas, the more detail that can be achieved.

We sell a wide range of sizes from 10cm x 10cm up to a HUGE 85cm x 100cm.

All our product listings display the size and some products are available in a range of different sizes.


Do I need to buy anything extra?

All of our Diamond Art Kits are supplied with everything you need to create your piece of artwork including a stylus, tweezers and a sorting tray.

Diamond Painting Tools Kit – OLOEE

Where are your Diamond Art Kits shipped from?

All of our Diamond Art Kits are shipped from our Manchester based workshop within 24 hours of ordering. All of the kits for sale on the website, we physically have in stock unless stated with “pre-order” and the date we will have them.

Lots of the designs available on the website are exclusive to us and cannot be found for sale anywhere else.


Which brands do you stock?

We stock a wide range of BIG brands including RIOLIS, Diamond Dotz, Camelot Dotz (Disney©), Leisure Arts, Freya Crystal and our very own Medlock Crafts.



Amended: 28/10/2020